Centre for the study of Global Security and Development

Security in a changing world

Security is one of the pressing issues of our times. But what is security? How do different ideas about security and security practices relate to processes of globalization and development? What are the costs as well as the benefits associated with pursuing different approaches to social, political and economic security in challenging global times? Are there better ways of ‘thinking’ or ‘doing’ security than the ones we currently have?

The Centre for the study of Global Security and Development is a joint initiative between the schools of Geography, Politics and International Relations, and Business and Management, along with colleagues from the schools of History and Law. It aims to provide a novel and meaningful space for research and dialogue on development and security-related issues and for developing a critical approach to both the notion of 'security' as a potent contemporary discourse, and the uses to which it may be put. By addressing questions of security and human security from such a perspective, the Centre aims to promote innovative thinking on some of the most vital questions of our global present.

While the aim of the Centre is to focus upon the intersections of security, globalisation and development, our work is organised thematically around five core strands:

  1. Security: the very idea
  2. The Causes of Insecurity
  3. States, Security and International Relations
  4. Development, Security and Organized Violence
  5. Rethinking Security for the 21st Century