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Affiliated projects

Vital Geographies

This project (initially funded as an ESRC seminar series) considers how the politics of life both incorporate and are unsettled by geographical issues. The cultural and technological determinants that shape the beginning of life, the end of life, and the length of life are profoundly geographical. There are important questions that need to be asked about this. With regards to the length of life, for example, the lottery of place-of-birth has implications for theories of justice.

The Global Apparel Resarch Programme (GARP).

This collection of research projects aims to understand the dramatic reconfiguration of the global garment and clothing industry and its impact on the urban and regional communities involved. Research has focused on London's garment sector, the apparel industry in East-Central Europe, and is currently being extended to examine the impacts of trade liberalisation in Europe, North America and Asia.

Social Exclusion, Spaces of Household Economic Practice and Post-Socialism

This research project examines the ways in which households and individuals negotiate and cope with forms of social exclusion emerging from the introduction of market economies in central European cities. The research examines the strategies adopted by households and individuals, how they link informal and formal economic activities, and how they are constituted differently in contrasting geographical contexts.

Latin American transnational migration to Europe: 
Livelihood security among Colombian migrants in London

This British Academy-funded project explores how Colombian migrants generate livelihoods in London. It examines a range of different coping strategies both within and beyond the labour market as well as the nature of their exclusion from British society

The Healthy Environments Research Programme

Affiliated institutions

The Peace Research Institute, Oslo

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