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Written by Simon
Thursday, 19 November 2009 11:56

On this and related pages we will strive to assemble a unique collection of security and development related resources, bringing an overview of these two important topics into the same place, and hopefully sparking ideas for comment and debate. If you have any suggestions for further links please do let us know. We hope to assemble a truly useful digital reference point here.


Human Security Digital Resources

A range of online resources pertaining to the human security discourse

Human Security Digital Library

Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Commission on Human Security

The Human Security Gateway

Other Centres and Programmes

A selection of institutions one or other of our members are also plugged into.

The Peace Research Institute (PRIO), Oslo

The Global Insecurities Centre, Bristol

The Just World Institute, Edinburgh

Oxford Programme on the Changing Nature of War

The Biopolitics of Security Programme at Keele

The Centre for Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health at LSHTM

The Centre for Peace and Security Studies, Georgetown

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Washington

Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE

The Common Security Forum, Kings College Cambridge

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network

The Space of Democracy Network

The Centre for Health and International Relations, Aberystwyth

The Gender and Health Equity Network



Public actions and intellectual interventions we feel raise important issues

Chomsky at the UN


Talking Points

Discussions and debates to get the juices flowing


The National Security Archive, Washington

The latest UNDP Human Development Report

The latest World Bank World Development Report


Information Sources

The Global Investigative Journalism Network

Global Witness

Amnesty International

Index on Censorship

Source Watch


Security and development related Blogs

Colleagues and others addressing the issues that matter day in and day out.

The Guardian's Global Security Blog

Matt Sparke's Geopolitics of Health blog

Climate Action Cafe

New Security Beat

Oxfam's blog

Blood and Milk



Some Lighter Reading

For intellectual-calibre downtime


Geography Directions.


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